Immerse yourself in imaginary worlds

Immerse yourself in imaginary worlds

Experience exciting adventures in virtual reality with our indie VR games

Experience Gaming Like Never Before with Virtual Reality

Imagine exploring 3D virtual worlds and feeling like you’re inside the game. Virtual Reality allows for a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

With VR, you can explore virtual worlds as if you were there, and even interact with objects using your hands.

VR games offer more realistic and challenging gameplay than traditional screens, from sword battles in fantasy realms to space exploration.

Get ready for an unimaginable gaming experience! Virtual reality lets you explore thrilling worlds like never before. Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in incredible adventures!

Experience Gaming Like Never Before with Virtual Reality

Space Devil Teaser Demo

Welcome to the exciting world of SpaceDevil, the first Teaser Demo from our indie studio, where you’ll take on the role of an employee of the CaMaC (Canis Manor Consortium) on the ALISS (Artemis Laboratory International Space Station). You’ll need to fight against enemies and survive adverse conditions as you make your way towards the central corridor of the station, which connects the labs with the main reactor control center. Can you overcome the challenges and make it to safety? Join us on this high-intensity space adventure!

Focused on achieving PC-level graphics on standalone

The majority of the development has been focused on achieving PC-level graphics on standalone headsets using optimization tools and advanced configurations of the Unreal Engine. Our team has worked tirelessly to maximize the performance of the hardware, while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of visual fidelity. Through careful optimization and the use of advanced rendering techniques, we have been able to create a truly stunning and immersive virtual world that rivals the graphical quality of high-end PC games. Our commitment to creating the most visually impressive and realistic experience possible, has led us to push the limits of what is possible on standalone VR devices, resulting in a game that looks and feels like it was made for much more powerful hardware.

Stunning reflections on each surface create visually impactful effects

The game features a large number of polygons to offer an incredible level of detail

Dynamic lights that change according to the conditions of the environment

Virtual worlds with semitransparent surfaces for a realistic experience

Complex collisions in hands and objects to enable an incredibly adaptive grip

About Us

We are a small indie team of VR game developers who are passionate about creating immersive experiences for our players. We strive to create unique and exciting games that allow our players to explore imaginary worlds and live incredible adventures.

We take pride in working together in a collaborative and creative environment, and we are passionate about finding innovative solutions to the challenges we encounter in developing our games. We value quality and attention to detail in everything we do, and we are committed to creating games that our players will love.

Our team is made up of talented developers with experience in programming, game design, animation, and digital art. We love what we do and we’re excited to share our games with the world.

More About Us

  • Unreal Engine crusader and sound sculptor. Passionate about VR games and digital art. Specialized in sleepless nights to refine details. More headstrong than a hidden bug inside the code.

    Disciple of the order of the four elements: Game design, Level design, Mechanics and Shading.

    Juan José
  • Technical Draftsman, with a Master in Unreal Engine. After years in architectural and structural modeling he had a turning point when he discovered Virtual Reality.

    Creator of the youtube channel “VR 360 AVENTURA” and administrator of the channel “Creators” on Telegram.

    Jesús Caña
  • Graduated in Computer Systems Engineering, he is an enthusiast of 3D universes and the popular graphics engine Unreal Engine. Passionate about immersive experiences and especially Virtual Reality.

    He spends his free time creating content for his youtube channel and developing new Virtual Reality experiences.

    Longinos Recuero Bustos